4 Peace Practices

Our work is organized along The 4 Waves of Peacelights. Each wave is a practice, and they are both interconnected and autonomous. Together they give rise to the unique expression, light and color of our individual Peacelight.


1. The wave of inner work is always first - developing an inner core of peace through emotional education, integrating our shadows, reclaiming our projections, and practicing forgiveness.


2. The wave of the feminine and masculine comes next - unleashing our authentic power - and creating harmonious relationships - through honoring feminine and masculine energies in ourselves and others.


3. The wave of innocent expression is about finding the outside manifestation, color, texture, and movement of our own unique peacelight in a social context. For many of us, this gave rise to Peacelights Connect events.


4. The wave of shining our light - the interaction of the first 3 waves gives rise to shining our Peacelight for the benefit of our entire planet through social activism. Here is where we allow ourselves to flicker on and off, knowing that we are part of an interconnected network - that when I am down and you are shining - we as a web are still making a difference and I am a Peacelight, no matter where I stand in this moment.


Practicing any of these waves will turn on the switch of your Peacelight. More to come about trainings and practices.


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