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What is the Shadow Process?

Debbie Ford is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. She is the best-selling author of eight books: The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, The Secret of the Shadow, Spiritual Divorce, The Right Questions, The Best Year of Your Life, Why Good People Do Bad Things, The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse, and The Shadow Effect. A transformational coach, speaker, and teacher for more than 20 years, Debbie is the creator of the renowned Shadow Process Workshop, the executive producer of The Shadow Effect transformational documentary, and founder of The Ford Institute, the world-renowned personal and professional training organization.

Peacelights founder Joumana Rizk has over a decade of experience training with the Ford Institute and is certified to lead Debbie Ford's Shadow Process.

Debbie Ford's world-renowned Shadow Process sets the gold standard for transformational work. Offering a safe environment for self-exploration, the Process guides you in addressing the issues that keep you from experiencing the power and holiness of your whole self. If you want to have more love, health or intimacy, to heal a relationship, make peace with a painful experience or ensure greater fulfillment and success in any area of your life, this proven evolutionary process is for you. If you want to free yourself from the prison of shame, disapproval, and self-sabotage and celebrate your greatness, this is your golden opportunity.

Using guided imagery, active meditation, and enlightening conversation, your Shadow Process coach will expertly guide you to integrate your “shadow self” - the part of you that continues self-punishing patterns and sabotages your success. Rather than viewing your weakness and insecurities as obstacles to moving forward in your life, this process will guide you to embrace your so-called defects as the powerful teachers that they are. As you make peace with the disowned parts of yourself, you will find the gold in the dark and awaken to the profound realization that these parts of yourself that you've rejected are actually the keeper of your greatest gifts.


The Shadow Process can change your life

This is what the Shadow Process can do for you :

  • Break through the deep roadblocks that hold you back from happiness
  • Get the tools and the personal guidance to be the best You
  • Discover the purpose of your pain and transform it into a gift
  • Eliminate shame, guilt, and self-doubt by having the courage to face your shadow
  • Regain wholeness in a private experience, free of judgment or pressure

If you attend The Shadow Process, you will overcome the inner hurdles that have blocked your personal growth possibly for decades. You will leave at the end of three days a transformed person: empowered, courageous, in love with yourself, and ready and able to change your world.

In one weekend—three days—YOU can change your life completely. After this weekend, relationships with friends and family will come with ease. You will naturally attract loving, confident people. You will find a new sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. You can finally get your finances in order or your health on track.



"I am delighted to share my experience with Debbie Ford’s Shadow Process coming soon to the Middle East. In doing this work, I unfolded the courage to face all of my shadows. I went into myself to the darkest corners where all my insecurity, fears, and limiting beliefs lived. They had been holding me back, but through facing them, I discovered that I was capable of being everything I wanted to become. This training has led me to my own Be the Change practice at www.changecoachinginstitute.com and I will be forever grateful to Debbie for her groundbreaking program which serves all who will do the work."

Maria Khalife
Certified Master Coach, Ford Institute
Founder/Owner, Change Coaching Institute
Shadow Process San Diego 2003


"By participating in the Shadow Process and in the rigorous training required to become and Integrative Coach, I was able to recognize how destructive behavioral patterns in one area of my life sneaked into other areas of my life. Such an awareness had a direct -positive - impact on my personal relationships and my business and gave the word integrity a whole new meaning. I recommend this training to anyone interested in taking their relationships and leadership skills to a new level."

Samia Bahsoun
Telecommunications Executive & Integrative Coach
Shadow Process Miami 2005, Essentials Coach 2006, Spiritual Divorce Coach 2007

"The Shadow Process workshop allowed me to stop viewing life through the lens of a victim, feeling imprisoned and unable to move forward. Now, I can tap into all the energy inside me that couldn't be expressed the way I wanted to; I can finally use my power to propel me forward in life and in my work.
The Blueprint coaching training took me even deeper in that place where I could heal my relationship with myself. It affected my personal relationships and my friendships in a profound way, allowing me to let go of what was unimportant for me and to discover what I was really looking for in my heart."

Helene Geagea
Integrative Coach
The Shadow Process Miami 2005, Shadow Process Lebanon 2007, Blueprint Coaching Training Program 2009