Testimonials – Peacelights founded by Joumana Rizk


The most important thing I've learned from Joumana is a strong human connection with first myself and then others, specifically developing more intimacy with my family, ending toxic relationships, re-organizing my business to free my time, working with a charitable organization, and building a supportive relationship with a wonderful woman. I highly recommend this work for anyone who wants to thrive in their relationships and live a life of meaning and purpose. Someone had to show me this self understanding since at first I could barely sit still let, alone find myself. Joumana helped me to learn to live in the present, to enjoy myself and find inner peace. I am no longer attached to the material world and I don't cry on anything that doesn't cry back on me. I highly recommend Joumana to anyone embarking on the amazing journey of self discovery, happiness, and enlightenment.

Khajak Keledjian, Founder and CEO of Intermix


I highly recommend hiring Joumana as your coach. I have worked with several coaches, and she is the best. Over the course of our coaching relationship, I accomplished many things. I focused on building my business, and I was successful there. Of course there were also accomplishments in other areas of my life, particularly around relationships. I love the way that Joumana supported me, and also the way she held me accountable to a high standard.



I came to Joumana because I wanted to start writing but I was so consumed with my multiple roles as mother, wife, daughter and gallery owner that I felt that I could simply not get to it. Working with Joumana I identified and changed what in my relationships was draining my energy. I set out to separate my finances from other members of my family, put healthy boundaries in place, and learned to ask for what I wanted from my loved ones while making room for them to ask for their needs. Soon my creativity was flowing and I wrote my first book then two more. Every time I solved a family conflict I felt myself expand and relax more into my feminine nature.

Valentina Moncada, Owner of Valentina Moncada Gallery, Peacelights Partner


This was an amazing process. My future wife showed up in my life within weeks of my coaching. My new habits saved me from what would have been negative moments and turned them into moments of intense intimacy. I am learning to accept my power and use it more wisely.

B. K., Hedge Fund Manager


Working with Joumana allowed me to stop viewing life through the lens of a victim, feeling imprisoned and unable to move forward. Now, I can tap into all the energy inside me that couldn't be expressed the way I wanted to; I can finally use my power to propel me forward in life and in my work. As I kept working on myself I went even deeper in that place where I could heal my relationship with myself. It affected my personal relationships and my friendships in a profound way, allowing me to let go of what was unimportant for me and to discover what I was really looking for in my heart.

Helene Geagea, Integrative Coach, Peacelights Partner


Joumana has an uncanny mix of directness and vulnerability. There is little pretense there. One can feel the “meat” of her experience. As she exposes her heart and shows her humanity, she cuts right to the chase with her clients. She is very direct, clear and concise.

Patricia Hasegawa, Master Integrative Coach


While it may be true that once we are ready to change, the universe conspires to help us, the help that arrived in the form of Joumana’s coaching could not be more nurturing, profound or relevant, and I feel very lucky to have connected with her compassionate guidance. I felt magic begin to infuse my life with each week, and I am deeply grateful and blessed to have had this tremendous opportunity. Now I know what “life-changing” feels like.

Serene Miqdadi, Integrative Coach, Peacelights Partner


Within six months of the class, I had finished the intro to my book and sent the proposal to publishers.

Greg Beals, Journalist, Writer


I started painting again during the course, I had not painted seriously for almost two years. I am doing what I consider to be my best work so far and am working towards a new show. My gallerist is very happy. I am calling the new series “The Road Home.” Joumana is a phenomenal teacher.

Jan Green, Artist


During this course, I created a partnership with another architect and booked 10 clients. The clients keep coming and we are making a profit in our first year!

Roger Cardinal, Architect