Peacelights Coaching – Peacelights founded by Joumana Rizk

Peacelights Coaching

We offer many coaching options: in-person, via phone, and over the Internet for both individuals and groups. We seek to inspire personal transformations that are swift, meaningful, and lasting.

Below are some samples of what we offer. All options and approaches can be tailored to fit the medium that works best for you, with a focus on the issues you wish to address and the benefits you seek. Contact us directly to find out how we can create a customized program for you, your business, or your group.


Our Coaching Philosophy

Every Peacelights Coaching program is founded on the 9 Steps For Transforming Darkness Into Light.

Step 1: Create a vision for what your life would be like if you were able to bring this cause or project to fruition.

Step 2: Identify the areas of conflict that are stopping you from doing that.

Step 3: Use these conflicts as a way into your subconscious. Own your shadows, the parts of yourself that you have cast away. Find the gift or message your shadows – and the conflicts - have for you.

Step 4: Make a plan of action on how to dissolve the conflicts, express your gifts and start your project. Sometimes, the conflict disappears spontaneously after you embrace your shadows.

Step 5: Take the action steps you committed to. If you face difficulty or resistance, we look at what underlying commitments you might have that are stronger than your desire to give.

Step 6: This step is dedicated to cleaning up your past, taking responsibility for your life, handling any incompletions that stand in the way of you giving freely and having success with your project.

Step 7: You forgive yourself and others and release yourself completely from the conflicts that kept you stuck.

Step 8: You embrace your light shadows, your brilliance, power, joy, success, and practice giving freely. You put in place whatever structures and support you need to have full success.

Step 9: Completion and celebration. You celebrate as step fully into the leadership of your cause or project. You watch change in areas you did not even work on, because as we shift our core beliefs, a ripple effect is felt throughout our life.