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    Introducing: Tuesday Flickers

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    Connect For Peace NYC: September 29th

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    Video: Concert for a New Earth

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    Focus: Peace

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    Concert for a New Earth at Rio+20

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    Washington Sq. Park with the Stumblebums!

  • NEW! Beirut 2011

  • Amma

    What I’ve Learned From Amma

  • Connect for Peace in Madison Square

    Madison Square Park

  • Joumana and Nataly Dawn

    Los Angeles with Nataly Dawn

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4 Peace Practices

Our work is organized along the 4 Waves of Peacelights, a set of interconnected peace practices.


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Are you ready?

Are you ready to shine your light and change cultural shadows? Are you ready to become a Peacelight? It’s a movement. It’s a dance of dark and light, creating beauty out of pain, dissolving conflicts into peace. It’s a celebration, the freedom to flow:  your feminine life force, your masculine presence. It’s integrity and authenticity, creativity and full expression. Love. Compassion. Oneness. It is time. It is your time. Are you ready to be a Peacelight?